About Us


Double PLAYS – Atlanta, Inc. is an African-American owned, non-profit organization that Promotes Leadership And Youth Success through sports programs, community service and academic achievement. As an organization serving Atlanta’s under-represented community, we stress a positive environment for learning by teaching discipline, sound fundamentals, and other techniques to help children reach their athletic, academic, and personal goals. Our program is run by a family of volunteers that holds as a joint and collective responsibility the development of high character, morals, and self-esteem. We have dedicated coaches and trainers, as well as community partners who work in conjunction with the parent community to ensure the success of every child.

The mission for our sports program is to educate, expose, and endow youth by giving them a positive environment to thrive in. The young men and women in our organization are well-rounded, participating in various extracurricular activities and have received many academic awards. We require that our kids are involved in community service and maintain acceptable reports in all subjects, as well as discipline. Additional information about the kids’ success and our teams can be found on our website and social media.

As a part of our continuing commitment to the community, Double PLAYS will expand its vision to include multiple sports including baseball, flag football, and basketball.  If you are a coach, team, athlete, parent, or volunteer who believes that a strong community relies on the development and support of our youth, we welcome you to join us.  Please contact us at 404-934-3994 or doubleplaysatl@gmail.com and follow us on social media (@doubleplaysATL on Instagram and Facebook).


Charlese Garnett-Benson

John M. De Foor II, JD

Maya K. De Foor, JD

Caitlin LaCour, RN